Cloud computing system provides large-scale infrastructure for high performance computing. The convergence of interests between multi-agent systems that need reliable infrastructures and cloud computing systems that need intelligent software with dynamic, flexible and autonomous behavior can result in new systems and applications.
This paper presents a proposed system using the intelligent multi-agent system in cloud computing .When it comes to developing the way of thought in a given environment, it is essential to think on a critical level in order to reach a state of understanding and operating on a level that best suits the needs of the said environment through evaluating the status of a situation and working to reach a decision or take an action.
The work presented aims to reach this state of smart decision-making that is essential to software developers when they are laying the foundations of the software internalization. The proposed system pioneers led the use of a multi-agent system in cloud computing, as there was no such initiative before in the development of software. The system proposed introduces a means for the autonomous decision-taking and critical thinking that is necessary to develop and evaluate the social behavior, universality and adaptive roles that the XML rational agent which is responsible for the cloud reservoir is capable of.