Classified ion bromate ( BrO_(3 )^- ) in groups of cancer-causing even if they are present in bottled water concentrations very low estimated μg / L (ppb) in this research was an assessment of the concentrations of ion bromate to ten models of bottled water taken at random from the local markets and in three batches and the values for some models higher than the allowable limit is (10 μg / L) (0.01 mg / L), as stated in the first batch contains (130 μg / L) of ion bromate as well as in the batch second (164 μg / L) In the third installment (155 μg / L) and through these figures had to be standing when this problem which effects just too dangerous for the consumer, where the majority of plants and filling plants are far from understanding and knowledge of how negative this ion when he was in concentrations higher than the allowable limit specified local or international specifications. It was also in this research measuring the concentration of ion bromide (Br^-) for surface water (river Tigris) (Baghdad - Jadiriyah) and over seven months of the year, starting from the fourth month until the tenth month and the results were pointed to a rise in the value of this ion where they arrived in the months to one (0.730 mg/L), higher then the value allowed for the presence of this ion in the surface water (rivers) and adult (0.03 μg / L).