As a part of a growing information society, security and the authentication of individuals become nowadays more than ever an asset of great significance in almost every field.Iris recognition system provides identification and verification automatically of an individual based on characteristics and unique features in iris structure. Accurate iris recognition system based on iris segmentation method and how localized the inner and outer iris boundariesthat can be damaged by irrelevant parts such as eyelashes and eyelid, to achieve this aim, the proposed method applied canny edge detection then circle hough transformation on an eye image passed through preprocessing operations. The proposed iris normalization is done by using the important information that resulted from circle hough transformation such as center and radius of iris and center and radius of pupil to convert iris region in original image from the Cartesian coordinates (x,y) to the normalized polar coordinates (r,θ).The proposed approach tested conducted on the iris data set (CASIA v4.0- interval), and tested on (CASIA v1.0- interval) iris image database and the results indicated that proposed approach has 99.8% accuracy rate with (CASIA v4.0- interval),and has 100% accuracy rate with (CASIA v1.0- interval) .