Due to the availability of many image editing and processing tools, it is possible to easily change the information represented by a digital paintings without leaving any obvious traces of tampering, which led to the problem of verification image. These issues of multimedia security have led to the development of several approaches to tampering detection. Digital image forensic is a branch that deals with the identity and authenticity of the images.
The proposed system is the Verification system for paintings. Where the Verification system used non-blind passive image forensic, and that it has been achieved by using fuzzy gradient based image reconstruction, which is able to detect all types of forgery (Splicing, Image Retouching, Geometrical Transformation, Copy Move Attack, other type) and also able to compute forgery ratio as percentage.
This methodology has its application in a context where the source image is available.The experimental results show that the algorithm can effectively locate the tampered area in multi block size 4X4 of any type, and using fuzzy process is obtained a good result to reduce time consuming for solving image reconstruction and also enhancement reconstruction image .