This study is based on thermal anomaly of hydrocarbon materials phenomenon. This phenomenon has been used as a result from the leakage of these substances from the oil trap on the earth's surface through faults and cracks in the earth's crust over the oil trap, that affects the emission of heat and temperature in the area above the oil trap. The thermal band scene (Landsat ETM+ in central Iraq-west of Baghdad) has been used to the region located between longitudes 43 o 62' 7.20" East to 44 o 61' 14.48" East and latitudes 32 o 94 '12.99" North to 34 o 0' 49.53" North. The thermal anomaly (ΔT) was estimated in relation to the change in temperature compared to the temperature anomalies in the surrounding areas. After studying several areas in central of Iraq, it is found that the thermal anomaly lies "between" (1-5) Ko which indicates the presence of Hydrocarbon in those areas.