The aim of this study is to establish cephalometric norms using Jarabak’s analysis for an Iraqi community sample and to compare these norms with the norms used by Jarabak’s analysis. In this study mean values of Jarabak’s cephalometric analysis for Iraqi was determined. There are no previous studies establishing cephalometric norms for Iraqi population according to Jarabak’s analysis and there are no previous studies published about Cephalic Index (CI) of Iraqi community. The present study identified the shape of the head for Iraqi community.
The mean cephalic indices in Iraqi male and female were found to be 79.45 And 74.34 respectively, the shape of the head for Iraqi community is distinguished as Mesocephalic.The mean of Facial Proportion are significantly much less in Iraqi community (55.38% ) compared with Saudi community(64.65%),and also was significantly much less compared with Jarabak’s norms (63.5%).The numbers of cases used in this study were 100 for females and 120 for males of young adults; the ages were between 18-32 years. The results of this study will be of importance in forensic medicine, anthropology and in genetics. The present study, the cephalic algorithm, was conducted through application c++ programming.