The present work was carried out to investigate the silver concentration Effect (Ag %)othe optical and the electrical properties of the polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). The samples were casted as films from the photopolymer (PMMA) stated above and the reason. The optical constant (α,k,n, εr, and εi)for the photopolymer (PMMA),and Ag/PMMA composites at different concentration were investigated. It was seen that there was nonlinear relationship between the optical constants and the concentration ratio, which was attributed to their incompatibility. These results were confirmed with optical micrographs. It was found that there was increasing of carrier concentration with Ag ratio which Ag/PMMA composites at different concentration. These prepared polymer systems were analyzes spectrophotometically. It was found that an increasing in the absorption spectra with increasing of the silver concentration in Ag/PMMA composites, which was attributed to the increasing in localized states. The results proved that its energy gap was for 13%Ag/PMMA (4.85eV), which was the lowest of all polymer system involved due to previous was caused decreasing in the mobility. The results showed that the best conductivity was at 9%Ag ratio, and the lowest receptivity.