In this work ZnO Nps were fabricated by liquid phase pulse laser ablation (LP-PLA) technique. The experiments were carried out by using the radiation of the pulsed Nd:YAG laser operating at the 1060 nm wavelength, 9 ns pulse duration and 1 Hz repetition rate of Zn plate immersed in DIW water, the effect of laser pulses on the amount of ablated materials, structural, optical and morphology of ZnO Nps has been studied. The atomic absorption result shows that the amount of the ablated material is directly proportional to the number of laser pulses and the atomic force microscope show that the grain size of the obtained NPs are decrease with the number of laser pulses.
The UV-Visible show a blue shift was recognized with a larger number of laser pulses while the photoluminescence result gives a blue shift with the decrease in number of laser pulses