A crylonitrile was grafted on polystyrene and modified with nano materials such as CNT, C60 and activated carbon using gamma-irradiation technique. This process was carried out at various gamma doses 0.2-1.5 Mrad (0.002-0.015 MGry) and used different percentage (w/w %) of monomer (Acrylonitrile) and catalyst ferrous ammonium sulfate (FAS). The new grafted polymer modified with nanometrials has good physical and chemical properties of hardness, insolubility, and stability. Also the sensitivity under conditions of cyclic voltammetry is significantly dependent on pH, electrolyte and scan rate. The grafted polymer modified with nano materials was used in different applications in electrochemistry such as in cyclic voltammetric technique by fabrication of working electrodes from these materials as a substitute of glassy carbon electrode, platinum electrode, gold electrode…etc. and self modified these electrodes with nanomaterials.