Carbon nanoparticle was synthesis by pulse laser ablation of graphite target in different solution. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and Conductivity meter were used to study chemical composition, size, morphology and condectivity of suspensions. FTIR spectra exhibit the presence of C≡C, C═C, C-C bond which indicates the formation of carbon nanoparticles. The TEM show the formation of spherical nanoparticles, aggregation of the carbon nanoparticles, morphology of carbon nanotube ((141.6 nm length and 16.6 nm diameter) in ethanol, but high-quality of CNTs in Iso-propanol with (11.1–46.15 nm) diameter and (261.1- 592.3 nm) length and the CNTs are uniform diameters in deionize water with diameters (12.2-25 nm) and (500 - 708.3 nm) length). Study the electrical condectivity; determine the activation energy of suspension and the condectivity depended on geometry of carbon nanoparticles; electrical conductivity in ethanol suspension is more than Iso-propanol suspension and the electrical conductivity of deionize water is more than them.