This work focuson study thermal conductivity for polymers and their nano-composites usingtoner carbonnano-particles(TCNP)with particles sizeof (89.77nm) asanano-particles, with different weight percentages(2, 4 and6) % to unsaturated polyester (UPE) and epoxy (EP) resins as a matrix to prepare nano-compsites. Molding method was used to prepare polymers and their nano-composites sheets.
The results show (UPE) has highest value than(EP). Adding nano-particle to (UPE) and (EP) will increase thermal conductivity for nano-composites. The values of thermal conductivity for two types of resins UPE and EP without any additions are (0.181W/m.oc and 0.154W/m.oc) respectively. At the weight fraction(2%) the value for (UPE/TCNP) samples is (0.355W/m.oc),while the value for EP/TCNP samples is (0.405W/m.oc), and the values of the thermal conductivity begin increasing with the increasing ofthe weight fraction which used in this research, were the highest value for (EP/TCNP) samples is (0.429W/m.oc)at weight fraction(6%).