The purpose of this research was to isolate local bacterial have the effectiveness of de-emulsification in liquid emulsion. Twenty local isolates of actinomycetes were isolated from soil contaminated with oil waste using mineral liquid medium at initial pH of 7 in the presence of oil waste (1%) as a source of carbon and incubated at 40 °C for 5 days .
The primary screening of isolates was tested to de-emulsifying ability.Results indicate that the isolates ST3 , ST8 and ST15 were selected for theirhigh ability to de-emulsification.
Secondary screening of selected isolates was estimated to deemulsification using the spore suspension . Results indicate that the ST8 isolate showed the highest de-emulsification activity, subsequently was identified and designated as Nocardia sp..
Studied the effects of both the spores number and period of exposure on the effectiveness of de-emulsification. The results showed that the 0.5 ml of spore suspension (107 spore/ml) gave the best effective way to de-emulsifying, while 30 min. the best period appropriate to de-emulsifying.