In this research polymer blend was prepared from (EP-Novolac) reinforced by ceramic particles (SiC), which added as (10%, 20%, 30%) Wt to the blend, by using hand lay-up method
Some mechanical properties were studied on the specimens of the above mentioned materials such as hardness and wear, at different temperatures and immersion times, The samples were immersed in (HCL) and (NaOH) solutions with normality (0.5 N) for (2 and 4) weeks at different temperature (25 ,44, 62) ˚C
And then the results of the reinforced blend showed decreasing of hardness values after immersion samples in to both above solutions
It is found that in spite of there is increment in temperatures and immersion times in (NAOH) that is consider as a corrosion media to polymers there is decreases in wear rate specially at percentage (30%Sic).