Evaporation method was used in order to prepare films of pure gold on substrate of n –Si (111) and studied the influence at different parameters deposition, such as the weight of the material used (gold) , the weight of coating deposited , the effect of each of the temperature annealing , deposition rate , thickness coatings deposited, as well as the study of open porosity.
The results showed an increase in the thickness of coating with the increasing of the weight of the material used and these are different deposition ,sedimentation rates. A decrease in the open porosity with increase temperature annealing. A decrease in the density of the coating deposited with the increase in thickness due to a decrease in the stacking layers deposited.
It was concluded that the efficiency of the deposited equal to 94 % for the system, and that the system can deposition coatings thickness of gold ranges from (0-7.5μm).