This studyaims at constructing and implementinga new technique for calculating and correcting the frequency deviation in power systems. Several techniques were used to measure frequency deviation. One of them was Arduino Uno card which uses microcontroller ATmega328. This microcontroller board is an easy to use,accurate, economic and flexible solution for measurement problems.
The main objective of the work was to measure frequency deviation by microcontroller and displays it on (PC) monitor or small liquid crystal display (LCD) or both. Also, to correct the error if occurred by moving stepper motor with accurate steps which control the fuel gate in the generator, by reading the frequency at periodical time such as per 0.3 second and check the changes, if the frequency is more than required value. The controller and its suggested program (code) in C language will move the stepper motor clockwise (CW) until frequency reaches the required frequency (F0),i.e.50.00 HZ, if the reading gets lower than (F0), and the stepper motor will move counter clockwise (CCW) to get the required frequency. The system is applied practically by implementing the suggested design. This search achieved established control frequency of 99% along any variations in loads with high frequency reaches an accuracy 0.01HZ with low cost components.