Al-Shamia west drainage water is located in the south of Baghdad, at 200 kilometers within the Kifil Shinafiya project between the two branches of the Euphrates River (Shatt al-Kufa and Shatt al-Shami).
The total length of the drain is 75 kilometers with water discharged of 36 m³ /s.This study included a choice of nine sites at the Al-Shamia west drainage water. Samples are collected and chemical and physical tests are curried out to assess water drainage possibility to be used for human purposes. Work continued from October 2013 to the end of July 2014. These samples have been analyzed chemically and physically for the following elements (TUR, TH, K, Mg, Ca, Na, Hco3, SO3, Cl , TDS , Ec , Mn , Cr , Co , Cd , Pb, B and Ph). After comparing the results of all these tests demonstrating that the water undrinkable and for improving the quality has been processed in a way reverse osmosis. That have improved (TDS) by 88% and improved the rest of the elements where improved concentration (Ca) and (Na) by 89% and (SO4) 88% either (Cl) has improved by 90% and the rest of the elements such as (Mg, K, HCO3 , TUR, B) has improved in the following proportions, according to the sequence (87% .39% .79% .80% .56%) either (Cd, Cr, pb, Mn) has improved by 100% and thus became possible to use this water for drinking purposes.