Digital watermarking provides a solution of the recent problems such as a copyright protection and digital content authentication, as well as the balancing between the copyright protection and authentication requirements are the challenge of the many watermarking methods. In this paper, which is proposed a new intelligent watermarking methodto solve that problem by usingproposed hybrid techniques.
The proposed method can be describe by three phases, first one is employ the hybrid approach of visual cryptography and one way hash function which providing the security and authenticity to the watermarking system. Second one is concerned with intelligent embedding of watermark data in the cover image data by using three basics techniques which are the genetic algorithm, artificial neural networks and the human visual system model which obtains the effective balancing between the robustness and imperceptibility of the digital imageusing the middle frequency coefficients. Finally phase is depending on the extracting of the encrypted watermark by using the same operations of embedding stage and by using the overlapping approach in the visual cryptography. Experimental results demonstrates that the proposed methodprovidesa secure adaptive intelligent system which can apply in the different filed of application that need the reliable copyright protection with highly security and authenticity. Moreover, Obtaininga highly balancing among imperceptibility, robustness and security, that are showed by surviving the extracted watermark fromdifferent types of malicious and adaptive attacks.