This paper presents a study for optimal performance of a robot to be used in human surgery (Laparoscope device). He was done in Al-Sader educational hospital in maysanGovernorate. The robot was manufactured by KarelStorezcompany. Connecting linkages were increased to get seven degrees of freedom.
The optimal performance was obtained by using genetic algorithm method to choose the optimal path planning in the working area,this was done by making an integrated computer program through MATLAB language (R2013a).The results of best path planning would shorten length without hitting any obstacle, assuming the surrounding environment will be variable,the position and obstacle shapes would be random. We found that the best path planning in every environment depends on objective function.The practical side was made in laboratory of the Research Unit of Automation and Robotics in the Control and Systems Engineering Department, University of Technology. The robot used was the Lab-Volt Servo Robot System Model 5250 (RoboCIM5250).