In this study ,spatial video camera was used to capture field data required to establish a geospatial data base that was used with ArcGIS Network analyst for the development of a methodology for the optimization of MSW collection in limited area that have barriers enclosing some roads as a precaution procedure. The method uses various geographical data (road network, location of waste bins, and location of barriers), to measure the difference in time traveled by collecting vehicles. The Results indicate that the presence of barriers increasing the distance traveled by collecting vehicles (23%) in comparison with no barrier scenario each time .With the collecting interval twice a week, this means that a saving of two trips each month if the barriers removed.The study demonstrated the value of spatial videos and GISas decision making tools.
Further work should focuses on wider areas and also the path from collected areas to sanitary landfills or any other last destination for the wastes and quantify the fuel consumption , gases resulted and total cost differences resulted from the security precaution procedures .