The paper deals with behavior of machine foundation on elastic foundation. The finite elements approach through ANSYS (version 11) computer software is used for simulation of the dynamic response of the foundation under harmonic loading. As a case study previous analytical analysis problem for machine foundation was reanalyzed. In this problem, the element (solid65) was used for modeling the reinforced concrete foundation whereas the element (solid45) was used for modeling the soil beneath the foundation. The interface is modeled by using three-dimensional surface-to-surface (Target170 and Contact174) contact elements connected with concrete and soil.
It can be noted that the finite element analysis agrees with the analytical results, and the difference in the ultimate displacement is about (7.14, 4.6, 27.6, and 12.5)% when the dynamic force is subjected (along X direction (in-phase), along X direction (out of phase), along Y direction (in phase) and along Y direction (out of phase)) respectively.