In this research the maintenance activities isinvestigated for lube oil factory (3) as this factory is the newest and largest in its production capacity compared to lube oil factories (1) and (2)at Daura refineries.Data of different equipment’s failure are collected for ten consecutive months.
The frequency of breakdowns and type of maintenance were identified and analyzed employing certain statistical techniques are; Pie and Pareto charts. Results indicate that %95 of breakdowns for different equipment’s in lub oil factory 3 (pumps, heat-exchangers, compressors, docks, filters, furnaces and towers) are due to mechanical causes, and the rest are related to electrical causes. Pareto charts highlight that most frequent failuresfor pumps and exchangers followed by compressors and other equipment of lube oil factory 3.Types of maintenance classification shows that Pumps are dominating corrective maintenance activities in terms of frequency of occurrence. Although the frequency of breakdown in exchangers is the same as that for pumps, but these pumps suffer from both mechanical and electrical breakdowns. Equipment failures lead to many problems such as loss of production time, loss of material and lack of achieved production order. It is recommended to focus upon planned programmed maintenance and adopting decision support systems.