This study is an attempt to provide experimental test data for reactive powder concrete (RPC) beams strengthened by externally bonded carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) in flexure.
The mixing procedure used in this work presents a successful wayto produce RPC with a (cylinder 100 x 200 mm) compressive strength exceeding 110 MPa using heat curing.
Seven singly reinforced RPC beams were investigated, one was the control beam (no CFRP was applied) and six were externally strengthened by CFRP. All beams were of the same cross section, length, internal reinforcement, and of the same concrete mix design and were cured in the same way. The experimental variables considered in the test program include, number of CFRP strip layers (1 layer or 2 layers) and the width of CFRP strip, with and without using external anchorages. The experimental results showed that the ultimate loads are increased up to 64.29 % for the beams strengthened with bonded CFRP sheets and external anchorage with respect to the unstrengthened reinforced concrete beam (control beam). Also, these strengthened beams showed an increase in the first cracking load up to 100 %.On the other hand, there is a lower deflection at corresponding loads than the unstrengthened reinforced concrete beam.