Construction materials waste management is the process of implementing a strategy that is capable to reduce construction materials waste to the minimum. This research aims at developing a construction materials waste management system that can serve construction projects at the local construction industry in Iraq in minimizing waste at the execution phase and raising the interest in waste minimization by all participants. Results of a previous research held by the same authors are employed in the developed system as warning thresholds. The system is employed and tested in six under construction projects in Karbala then evaluated by five principal staff members in each project through a questionnaire form. The system proves to be easy to install, data input is smooth, output is reliable, interaction between the user and the system is efficient, results are accurate, integration between the developed system and MS-project is effective, storage management is productive, early warning of waste excess is active, role of the system in reducing the waste is fruitful, and employing the system in the local construction industry is possible.