The Academic Theoretical Frameworks and through their rhetoric and implications of their intellectual base are considered an important foundation to build upon them in advancing the academic scientific research in certain jurisdiction, it has emerged the importance of studying these discourses ( frameworks) due to its knowledge connotations that appear directly or indirectly . In order to investigate the nature of their knowledge authorities which were founded by, and then may be adopted as a basis for future complement researches. As it is known that the properties of the scientific knowledge is being accumulated in their general form. This is what has pushed the research to review some models of discourses or frameworks in architectural researches. Due to the fact that the scientific aspects of architecture combines the fields of humanities with their normative discourses and the positive science with their natural theories – as building physics and structure and others.- the research interested in reviewing these discourses that belong to the field of humanities and specifically these research frameworks that studied the realm of Architecture and Religion. Since it is difficult of investigating their knowledge authorities that adopted in that realm compared to those that belong to the field of positivists science or of arguments governed purely mathematical laws. In order to investigate the nature of their knowledge authorities that adopted in these research frameworks or discourses, the research makes a matching between them and the Islamic intellectual knowledge structures, to measure the consistency between them.The research concluded that there are three powers of knowledge authorities in the jurisdiction (Architecture & Religion ) discourses or frameworks that posit the backs of post- graduate students - master's and doctoral degrees – researches, they were the Authority of Rhetoric , Authority of origin, and Authority of Permission, their impact rate varies between the samples that examined in the case study, in addition the research determine the nature of knowledge structures that adopted in these researches. The research has addressed a sample of researchers in the area referred above that accomplished in only one university in Iraq in the department of Architecture ,University of Baghdad due to the given size of the of the space allocated for research.