With the accelerated pace of urban life and increasing of working hours during the day so the time for most people to enjoy and do their social activities entertainment became at evening hours, so that raise the insistent desire to increase the quality and beauty of the external spaces night scene
Artificial lighting Lead a very important role in the nightscape scene of the landscape, as artistic and designing factor, and had an active presence pass over their physical properties and psychological effects towards the formation of the nightscape final image of the landscape
So the research problem has emerged in the impact of artificial lighting on nightscape figuration elements in the landscape, and so the research hypothesis represents the differences of artificial lighting properties effect on the nightscape figuration elements. Research appointed the most important nightscape figuration vocabulary and extracts their indicators to be measured and then the application of indicators had drawn on a range of global and regional projects, and the result has been proven the impact of artificial lighting through their characteristics on the figuration elements of nightscape.