A total number of 12 models tests were carried out on models of soft clays of different values of undrained shear strength varying from 8 to 18 kPa. The tests consist of twelve models of stone columns, single column, two-column group, three-column group, four-column group, five-column group and six-column group, in addition to one model of untreated soil.
The undrained shear strength has been measured using portable vane shear before testing and after failure of model. It was noticed that the undrained shear strength of model stone columns increased by about (5.6 -20) % due to the construction of stone columns. The provision of stone column in soft clay bed caused an increase in the bearing capacity of the foundation bed by (1.76 - 2.91) times for floating stone columns and (2.13 – 3.15) times for end bearing columns.