This paper investigates main and important problem related to coordinates systems of Iraq. Maps of Iraq referenced to a local geodetic system while the technique oflocation observation and map production use the world geodetic system (WGS84) as a base reference datum. So, it has become necessary to find an algorithm to convert between Iraq local geodetic system (Karbala79) and world geodetic system (WGS84) simply because the (WGS84) is adopted globally and all of GPS and GNSS use that datum to calculate positions.
The idea of this paper came to create a mathematical model that relates between old and new datums by programing new software with matlab that perform the conversion with low coast, accurate and rapid procedure. In this paper modern approach was used to convert between (Karbala79) and (WGS84) it is:-
Minimum curvature surface interpolation via geodetic coordinates approach, this approach was used in USA by National Geodetic Survey (NGS) and it is requires a set of common points of two different datums.Computer software (IRAQCON) were developed with matlab 2013.
Precision of (0.03) meters in ∆E and (0.02) meters in ∆N were obtained from this approach when converted between datums, represent very precise result. Furthermore, field tests were done for this approach in ThiQar city. The tests were accomplished sucsussfly. It can be recommended forconversion system and production large scale maps for Iraq.
This work aims to develop and evaluate the best fit mathematical model of the existing control network system of Iraq to the WGS84 system