Steganography is the workmanship and study of concealing mystery information to provide a safe communication between two parties.This paper,displays othersteganographic algorithms for implanting encoded secretimagein grayscale and colorimages to give abnormal state security of information for correspondence over unsecured channels.The proposed algorithms first analyze the secret image using 1level -DWT and SLT respectively. It will be then encrypted the low frequency components of the secret image only using AES method and then embedded in the insensitive mid and high sub-bands gotten from the cover image in the wake of applying 2level- DWT and SLT on it, The embedding method used in this paper is LSB, the resulting image called stego-imageform different algorithms are then compared. .By using the proposed algorithms the capacity of the hidden secret data and stego image quality are improved. The embedding image reaches to half the size of cover image at same time PSNR reach to 62 dB and MSE about 0.36. The language used for testing the algorithms is MATLAB 2013a.