Learning Process isn’tbased on learning Content only, but it is based on thelearning content with its structures of Knowledge and the Learning Strategy. And this Process ought to put the student in its core.It is necessary that the teacher should improve his choice in selecting the learning Strategy, and also his choice in selecting the appropriate activity and tools that can achieve certain goals, and so the research interests in studying the Consistency between the nature of learning content which isdetermined by its structuralknowledge (Facts,Concepts,Principles,Generalizations,Skills, Attitudes, Values),and learning Strategies in one of the Engineering Department that combines in its learning Curriculum between Natural and Social Science which combines between two different logics (the intentional logic and the Extensional logic). This combination between these two different fields (Social & Natural Science) posit that the teacher should give a special importance to the reliable Learning Strategy which he or she depends on in the lecture room ,in order to communicate the content of syllabus to students and accomplish the well understanding in a simplest, faster ,and more efficient way. So, the research seeks to study the consistency between the learning strategies and the learning content in its structural knowledge which belongs to the Curriculum syllabus reliable in ArchitecturalDepartments and for all teaching stages. The research concludes the connection between the learning content and its Scientific Field which is more consistent with, and the connection between the learning strategy and the scientific field of learning content .Also, the research gives some recommendations includingespecially the necessity of distinction between the syllabus which belong to natural and social science and that matter reflects its effect on the type of learning strategies that consist with each field.