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In this paper, Nano crystalline TiO2 and CuO additive TiO2 thin films were successfully deposited on suitably cleaned glass substrate at constant room temperature, and different concentration of CuO (0,5,10,15,20)% wt using pulse laser deposition(PLD) technique at a constant deposition parameter such as : (pulse Nd:YAG laser with λ=1064 nm, constant energy 800 mJ ,with repetition rate 6 Hz and No. of pulse (500).The films were annealed at different annealing temperatures 423K and 523 K. Effect of annealing on the morphological and electrical were studied. Surface morphology of the thin films has been studied by using atomic force microscopes (AFM). AFM measurements confirmed that the films have good crystalline and homogeneous surface. The Root Mean Square (RMS) values of thin films surface roughness are increased with the increase of annealing temperature. Also, The grain size increases with the increasing of concentration of CuO and annealing. The temperature dependence of the electrical conductivity and the activation energy at temperature ranging from (293-473)K of the as-deposited and films annealed at different annealing temperatures have been studied. The results show that as the film concentration of CuO and conductivity increases, while the activation energy(Ea1,Ea2) decreases. Both, the annealing and composition effects on Hall constant, RH, charge carrier concentration (NH), Hall mobility. Hall Effect are studied. Hall Effect measurements show that all films have n- type charge carriers and the concentration and annealing increases carriers concentration while the mobility decreases .