This paper deals with erosion that is defined as a process of progressive removal of material from a target surface due to repeated impacts of solid particles for the special case of two phases (liquid and solid). Experimental investigation dependence on erosion rate in different Iraqi oils obtained from Baghdad East Field (Al-Khaseb oil (Kh) and Al-Tanoma oil (T)) and from Al- Durra Refinery (Al-Stratege oil (ST)). The effect of impact angle and testing time on erosion rates has been analyzed. An erosion devise is fabricated and special fixtures havebeen developed to conduct erosion tests at various impactangles (30°, 45°, 60°,and 90°). Experimentshave been conducted in oil in absence and presence sandof concentration (1.74 wt. %) with three particle sizes (600 µm, 850 µm and mixture of two) at the velocity of (8.4 m/s). The results indicated that the increasing of impact angle led to decreasing erosion rate.