School buildings that projects of a special nature and stages interspersed potential risks and
increase the risk of occurrence in the implementation phase, including the risk of design,
planning and other operational, legal, financial, logistical, physical or human, natural or
environmental risks. Despite the similarity of projects, school buildings in general, but just
change the place or the technique used, for example, leads to the possibility of a risk and
therefore will reflect this on the cost of the project. Such risks haunt administration engineering
projects for the researcher tries to shed light on some of the most important risks to the
implementation of projects, school buildings and incurred financial losses.
Where he was preparing a questionnaire after conducting personal interviews and review of
previous research studies and taking expert opinion to determine the set of risk that could occur
in the projects of school buildings. Distributed form on 64 people with competence, and then
analyzed these risks qualitatively by the degree of importance and probability of occurrence
According to recur in the projects of school buildings and then work matrix probability and
impact hazard for the development of treatments have by the nature of the threat mentioned in
the list with the stated some proposal to circulate a list and the results showed the lack of quality
risk management plan projects in school buildings in advance at the stage of planning and
design, and thus the absence of a record of risk you get to benefit from them in the future with
the knowledge of the most important risks that occur during the execution of projects, school
buildings, the researcher said some proposals for the dissemination of the list of risks on all
building projects are to work out since the beginning of planning for the establishment of a
school building and the importance of the audit at the design stage.