The phase transformations occur in metals and alloys involves important changes in microstructures according to chemical composition and kinetic of transformations in alloy ,this work deals with many operations and investigation, especially dilatometric test , which enable the achievement of important results for the aim of research.
Phase transformation points during heating and cooling by different rates (2-100) C◦/min , for high CR-Fe with high Cr , using dilatometric tests . these tests showed that cooling of this alloy from (950)C◦ , had more than phase transformation during cooling at rate (2-50)C◦/min . while only one transformation –martinsite –during cooling at a rate of (100)C◦/min , as no other transformation at that low temperature . This transformation has high importance to obtain high ,strength, hardness and wear resistance .Those properties are useful for many applications. The phase transformation points of alloy enable the choose of heat treatment required to get the suitable properties. The important results achieved by heating and cooling rates were indication of phase transformation and the time periods of those transformations .