The fact that today's world is passing through a stage of scientific development and massive technological advances, this stage is Known by the scientific and technological Revolution, which added to the human civilization huge toll of knowledge in many areas, that increasing in quantity and quality day after day, and while the academic institutions is a social institutions created by the community to establish a, scientific individuals to carry out their responsibilities, and also are considered a tributary which supplies the community with different scientific persons capable of advance the reality for the better, many efforts have been made in the research and studies in the field of Curriculum in academic institutions, given a big emphasis on the concept of Teaching Procedures Consistent with learning Curriculum in searching for an active teaching away from the techniqueperformance ( the traditional one) which is not accomplish the real Understanding, and where the modern educational studies set towards affirming on the necessity of activating the Role of the Teaching Procedures as ways that gave the better teaching income which lead towardaccomplish the understanding and gaining the Knowledge from the students in simplest, faster ,and more efficient teaching procedure. The education studies have reached that this no ideal procedure that can we use to teach which appropriate with all goals we want to accomplish ,but there is many procedures considered the teacher as the core in the learning process, while other procedures we considered the teacher and the students playing both the big role in it. So the research seeks toDiagnose the teaching Procedures that are consistence with the Curriculum adopted in ArchitecturalDepartments with its Syllabus, and the research choose a case study that was the ArchitecturalDepartment in -AL-Nahrain University,and the research has reviewed its syllabus compared with the teaching Procedures in the research body, the research concludethat there isa connection between many syllabus in Curriculum with special group of teaching Procedures and so when we adopt these teaching Procedures in lectures we may save a lot of efforts ,time from both the lecturer and the student , and that would contribute in understanding the syllabus lectures in simplest, faster ,and more efficient way.