Due to the network and multimedia application development information security become important since information can be attacked over the transmission channels and the combination of cryptography and chaotic become important filed of information security, where many encryption algorithm are based on chaotic mapping due to the inherent features of image like high redundancy and bulk data capacity. In this paper, three chaotic maps are used to achieve good diffused image by setting the initial conditions to generate the shuffling sequence randomly by 2D zaslevskii mapand employ them in 2D cat map for shuffling the image pixels positions, also baker map is used to decomposed image into four rectangles and shuffle them.To increase the security level of the encryption algorithm Geffe random key generator is used to generate 128 bit key and employ it with exclusive-OR equation to the diffused image. The results indicated that the combination of chaotic and cryptography proved to be good for high security level. All the experimental results show that the proposed algorithm is secure due to the large key space and the high sensitivity to the secret key.