Hollow Bridge section inspection was carried out in this study and different reasons may cause major failure of bridge. The field inspection of bridge structural elements has been paying more attention of engineering academic researchers. The bridge has been exposed to fire accident in additional to the excessive load and environmental factors effects. This study dedicated for inspection the White River Bridge elements (Bai xi da Qiao/ China) including the essential damage in main girder , concrete spalling, deformation due to deflection and excessive stress and strain, deck slab and concrete cover, steel corrosion…..etc. The analysis of field test evaluates the performance of whole structure of bridge element under static load test. The investigation results shows that the bridge has minor defects through the substructures such as there is no major corrosion of reinforcement and the concrete in a good condition. The upper structure depending on analysis field test of deflection and strain at the critical section, that the main girder has no enough capacity and need to be strengthened.