The present research work describes the synthesis of new heterocyclic compounds. The 2-Hydrazino benzoxazole pre-prepared was reacted with sodium nitrite and CuCN and afford the 2-cyano amine benzoxazole(1).Compound(1) react with sodium azide and ammonium chloride in DMF afford the 1-H-tetrazole-5-amino benzoxazole(2) ,ethyl chloroacetate react with compound (2) to giveethyl -2-(5-benzoxazol-2-ylamine)-1H-tetrazol-1-yl) acetate compound (3).Treatment (3)with thiourea or urea afforded compounds (4,5),p-bromo phenacyl bromide react with compounds (4,5) afforded (6,7),treatment (3) with hydrazine hydrate to afforded2-(5-benzoxazol-2-ylamino)1-H-tetrazol-1yl) acetohydrazide compound (8).Azomethines (9, 10) were prepared through reaction of compound (8) with aromatic aldehyde, then (9,10) converted to thaizolidinone derivatives (11,12) after treatment with HSCH2COOH .Reaction of compound (8) with phenyl iso thiocyanate and ethyl chloro acetate afforded compounds (13, 14)respectively. All compounds were confirmed by their melting point, FT-IR spectrum,1HNMR spectrum for some them.