A service processing water supply for residential land use is a cornerstone to the success of all plans for economic and social development to bring it to the welfare of the required service, where the investment has been employed to improve the human and his service, lies in the attention to the safety of his health and social welfare, with a big return in increasing the productive capacity of society and development towards higher levels in human living. Problem lies in the lack of adoption of proper planning and successful completion of this vital service, task, and provided so as to ensure justice in the processing where not found in Iraq and in the study area, especially the standards and a real comprehensive studies planning cover all aspects of water supply service to residential areas, The city of Baghdad suffers from problems in justice processing water supply to revitalize the residential and scarves, and thus need to be clear and comprehensive study of this problem contributes to reducing the gap in the city of Baghdad and the rest of the provinces of the country.