Led industrial activity and technological development in the countries of the world in recent years to the emergence of negative effects on the environment where the right of seriously polluting the natural and urban environmental components impact on natural systems and human health as well as the depletion of resource consumption is rational to her, leading to the depletion of non-renewable resources and influence the growth rate of renewable resources. EMS is one of the most important systems that are reliable in order to achieve reduction of environmental pollution targets and improve internal and external environment of the institutions. This system is based on a set of practices and tools include environmental impact and environmental risk assessment and management, pollution prevention and cleaner production consecration, and planning for emergency response, and environmental review. Cleaner production method is based like other preventive strategies, to the exclusion of pollution before it occurs. And it is a sure guarantee for the institutions to compete locally and globally, an option which ensures environmental bodies with the competent authorities on adoption in order to achieve green development (sustainable development) reduce loss and waste of natural resources and of energy, as a mechanism of sustainable development mechanisms. So consisted research the problem (the existence of environmental problems rather than on a specific place, but overtaken, to become a contemporary global problems, particularly when the exploitation of natural resources and unusually familiar, and without any consideration of what results from the act Alabama crowbar at the core of the ecological balance. The research aims to clarify the concept of environmental management (environmental management and its importance and its relationship to development). Identify the environmental situation in Iraq through the presentation of the most important environmental problems and sources of environmental pollution, causes, effects and various implications. Propose recommendations to improve the application of the proper environmental management system. The importance of searching through the occupied importance of environmental management, both in being a mainstay of economic activity in the conservation of natural resources and the rationalization of consumption, and in being responsive to the needs of sustainable development, and its ability to maintain the environmental elements of the system to continue. Study and analysis of the reality of environmental management and to assess its performance, and the disclosure of the difficulties and obstacles that stand in front of their evolution and limit their impact and do.