This paper involves the effect of iron powder in recycling of aluminum cans scrap on some mechanical properties. This process includes burning aluminum cans to remove paint and shredding into small pieces then melting aluminum pieces using an electrical furnace at (750 ºC). Iron powder (0.6, 1.2 and 1.8 wt %) was added to the melt sequentially. The composition is then casted into cylinder steel molds. The mechanical and metallurgical characteristics of the fabricated alloys were studied through an optical microscope including hardness, tensile testing, scanning electronic microscope and X-ray fluorescence. The results indicated that the maximum value of tensile strength and elongation percentage are recorded for the addition of (1.2%) of Iron powder. While maximum modulus of elasticity reported was at (0.6%) Iron powder cast. Hardness also increased with the increase of Iron additives.