The noise is any undesired signal that contaminates an image. This paper proposes an algorithm for color image noise detection of several types of noise, namely; Gaussian, Salt and Pepper and Speckle.
This algorithm uses a method of generating a square matrix from original image, called a Recursive Matrix (RM)
This RM was used successfully in detecting the noisy or noisy-free image. The first step is to analyze the three bands monochrome image (color image) to Red, Green and Blue images, then deal with each image as a grey-scale image which is represented as 2-Dimenssion matrix. The second Step is to construct the RM to each monochrome image, then to calculate the standard deviation (std.) for each RM to distinguish between noisy and pure image by using objective testdepending on Std. threshold. In the third step, the subjective test is used to the same image by plotting the image with its RM in 3-Dimensions, for both pure and noisy images. The proposed algorithm gives a perfect detection of noise in 50 color images as a case study used in this algorithm.