This research focuses on different aspects of engineering graduates’ career planning decisions as an important activity for their business and empowers continuous curriculum improvements to integrate academic programs outcomes and technical skills that conforms Iraqi job and employing requirements.
Data is collected according to questionnaire conducted for majority of “Production Engineering and Metallurgy department disciplines at the University of Technology” graduates’ as a case study that may be used later in human resources planning. Bar graphs are used as a statistical tool to display and analyze the results for three generations of grandaunts (80s, 90s, and above 2000s). Results revealed that despite private recruitment have been raised in Iraq at the last decade; governmental sector is still the main target for graduates employment through the three decades covered in this study. Also, results declare that leading role is dominated by male engineers for almost two out of the three decades covered in this research. The results also showed graduate’s tendency to additional sciences and practical skills beside general and basic engineering sciences that are already available in their academic program. Internet is generally their major resource of consultations for the engineers’ followed by other resources (academic professors, and books).