In current time, most of the composites based on polymer resins reinforced with natural fibers than synthetic fibers for environmentally friendly consideration. This work investigate the study of tensile properties distribution of coir natural fiber by using Weibull statistics to quantify the degree of variability in fiber strength. Single-fiber tensile and microscopy tests were performed to determination the tensile properties (tensile strength and modulus of elasticity) and fiber crosssectional
area respectively. The experimental results showed that the coir natural fiber have a good tensile strength and modulus of elasticity of 89.91–237.46 MPa and 2.55-8.78 GPa respectively. The Weibull distribution indicates that the coir natural fiber have a high degree of linearity of R2 = 0.942. The Weibull modulus for corn fibers was β = 3.650 , gives a good variability in tensile strength.