The concept of adaptation gained a considerable attention since the sixties of the last century as one of the basic concepts related to architecture .Many studies dealt with it in different aspects some were related to form transformations within design process, others were with transformation and flexibility or with the reuse , and despite the understanding for the adaptation as a concept in previous studies , but it was characterized by concise when related to , the re- use , especially in valuable building, that’s why the need for the scientific specialized studies for that concept and its role in the valuable buildings emerged , and thus we articulated the research problem and defined it as ( the lack of clarity of the adaptive reuse in general and its role in valuable building in specific) . The research goals were defined by (determining the characteristics and procedures of the concept of adaptive reuse and determining the possible formulas and methods to re- use valuable buildings). The theoretical framework was structured accordingly in two axes, first: to define the concept of valuable building and its theoretical framework, second: to determine the operation definition of adaptive reuse, and identify the most important variables in the process of adaptive reuse, then addressed the method of measurement and data analysis, then identify samples for the case-study, which was elected by one category dispersed among local and non-local models. The final stage was to analyze and discuss the results and determine the final conclusions finally, research has come to a number of recommendations and future prospects for research.