The main aim of this work is to produce hexagonal cup drawn from flat sheet (blank Ø80) and effect of wall corner radii of die on drawing process. The dimension of diagonal and side hexagonal cup are (41,36mm) and (36 mm) respectively, and (0.7mm) thickness made from low carbon steel (1006–AISI), has been produced. A commercially available finite element program code (ANSYS11.0), was used to perform the numerical simulation of drawing operation. Two types of wall corner radii of die ( =0.7, 4 mm) with constant punch profile radius equal to ( =4) mm and die profile radius equal to ( =8 mm (were used to investigate the effect of die corner radius on punch force, variation of cup wall thickness and the strain distribution over the cup wall. The numerical results of this model were compared with experimental results and the results show that, the greatest thinning occurs when used wall corner radius of die equal to ( = 0.7mm) due to great stretching of the metal over the corner radius. The best strain and thickness distribution over all zones in produced cup obtained when using wall corner radius of die is equal to = 4 mm).