In this paper, an extensive study is carried out 18 beams on the behavior of T-beams (8 with web openings, 10 without openings). Compressive strains distribution at the flanged are investigated with the presence of the openings in web to recheck the effective width of flange with real flange width. Parametric study are considered in this paper includes the compressive strength, longitudinal flexuralreinforcement,flangereinforcement,shear reinforcement and theweb openings (location, shape, size). Generally, standard codes of practice have overestimated effective flange width due to concentrated load effect, and codes do not take into account the web openings effect. Based on the results, the enhancement in effective width for each parameter were 9.1%-13.36%(compressive strength),10.1%-13.3%(longitudinal flexural reinforcement),7.6%-18.2%(flange reinforcement),3.35%-5.7%(shear reinforcement), the web openings reduced the effective flange width by 15% (openings at mid span ) and 5% ( openings at quarter span ) and the circular opening gavean optimum effective width better than rectangular opening were located both at quarter span.