The main objectives of this study were investigating the possibility of producing lightweight self -Compacting concrete (LWSCC) by using artificial coarse lightweight aggregate manufactured by burning locally available Attapulgite clay, estimating the optimum dosage of high reactivity Attapulgite (HRA) and studying its effects on fresh and hardened properties of LWSCC when using it as a partial replacement by weight of cement.Tests results showed that, It is possible to produce (LWSCC) by using Attapulgite as artificial coarse (LWA) and (HRA).The optimum content for (HRA) used in this study was 10 %, the percentages of increment in compressive strength and splitting tensile strength with 10% (HRA) relative to reference mix were (10.0%, 12.1%, 11.1% and 12.4%) and ( 12.0%, 18.2%, 16.6% and 16.2%) for 7, 28, 56 and 90 days respectively.The values of the calculated equilibrium density ranged between (1788 and 1829) kg/m3