The Research Cares With Examining The Nature Of The Architectural Image That Resulting From Contemporary Local Architecture Practice, After Becoming ICT And In Particular (The Internet) Is A Major Source Of The Information Required In Solving Design Problems. The Research Begins Interpretation Of The Origin Of The Design Problem, It Is The Existence Of A Human Need Updated Due To Man's Relationship To Its Environment And Other Individuals Within The Same Temporal And Spatial Environment, The Human Thought As (A Process Mentality To Present Information In Order To Reach The Desired), Represent The Basic Machine In The Production Of Architectural Form. Based On An Pilot Study Conducted By The Researchers, Were Identifier's Dialectical Image Prevalent In Contemporary Analogy, For The Production Of Local Architectural Forms, That Reflect The Demands Of Contemporary Identities, And Here Figured The Research Problem Of As (There Is No Clear Perception Of A Model For The Image Of The Controversy In The Local Thought After The Entry Of Information And Communication Technology As A Main Source Of Architectural Information). The Research Study The Domestic Practices In Order To Establish The First Model To That Image And Then Review The Information Contemporary Studies In Order To Determine The New Image Parameters And Install The Findings And Conclusions, Which Represents The Addition Of Contemporary Local Architectural Knowledge.