The creative thinking in architecture one of the important concepts, especially since the late twentieth century to increase calls for the investment skills in the growth patterns of various creative thinking affecting the architectural production, and through the normal growing according to the processes of education and training, towards a single programs that contribute to the development of the skills of creative thinking for architect that can be applied and clarified its effectiveness on the academic level in response to global and local trends , which calls for the need to address development at the level of creative thinking programs, so research aims to give a clear image about the impact of the use of scamper program in patterns of development creative thinking for students of architecture. The sample of the research [60] students of the third phase in the Department of Architecture [University of Technology] [2014-2015] for two groups [the control group and the experimental group] and has been a special test designed to measure the degree of development of creative thinking skills for architects, and the results showed the existence of differences with Statistically significant for members of the experimental group in the development of the skills and capabilities of creative thinking, and that was no have scope for all to the development of the patterns of thinking creative within steps of this program within one level, there are subjective obstacles and external allow dispersion in levels of development. This Search recommends the organization of training courses for designers to use scamper program in the design work .