The research deals with monument buildings in the city, as important urban landmarks of interest to many researchers in different fields of knowledge. These buildings take multiple forms and characteristics from one place to another, especially in the contemporary period witnessed radical and surprise changes at the level of form, function, meanings and local connectivity. Etc. In addition, the wide gap between what these characteristics in the international contexts and the Arabic cities. This led the research to review previous studies and literatures in different research directions. The research based on main hypothesis “the contextual and architectural properties of local contemporary monument buildings consist from a variety of effective vocabulary and variables that achieve monumental characteristic ".A group of buildings in Al-Najaf within specific criteria was elected to prove the hypothesis, using analysis method for the vocabulary concluded from theoretical framework.
The research has reached to prove the monumental characteristic of these buildings within its context for the conformity with the basic vocabulary of contemporary monument buildings architectural properties plus the contextual characteristics whether match was fully or partially. The search revealed a similarity in the contextual characteristics of these buildings between local and international city. While a high contrast in architectural characteristics appeared, because of differences in intellectual, social and economic level, which influence the receptivity of influencing contemporary globalization cultures directly on these properties.